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How to care your fabric

Fabric care

All furniture fabrics from the online store Light Star textile are resistant to stains and easily cleaned from them. But if you stained furniture fabric, use the following

Recommendations for moving away of local specific contaminations

Coffee, tea

You will dry out a spot a blotting paper, inflict suds of neutral cleanser, process clean water, will dry up surplus of moisture napkins.

Fruit juice

Inflict solution from mixture of ammonia and vinegar, подсушите, and then process an area clean water, will dry up napkins.

Red wine

Try immediately to delete a liquid, and then sprinkle with a moist area salt. When salt will absorb wine and fabric will dry out, will clean out a brush with a soft hair. At  wash off suds of soft cleanser, wash water and подсушите napkins.

White wine

Process the area of fabric solution from 1/4 parts of water and 3/4 parts of methyl alcohol, will dry out. Then wash off suds of cleanser and will dry out napkins.


An area with a chew temporally "freezes" the blocks of ice, placed in a polybag, and then соскребывается a spatula.


After the cooling-down of drops from a candle, a beeswax it is necessary to parcel up and scrape away fabrics from a surface. Sstroke a remaining spot through a blotting paper. you will repeat the mechanical cleaning, using a semi-rigid brush or brush.


After the complete drying out of spots of chocolate, they are washed off by suds of cleanser by a moist sponge, washed off by clean water and dried out by napkins.