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How to make an order

From five book-marks of the given products choose a model which interests you, click on the photo or on the name this model, to revise large photos, price, to the color and the detailed information about a commodity.

If you chose a model and color of commodity, you must specify the amount of linear meters or amount of rolls, according to pointing on minimum order and multipleness on this model, under a color which interests you. Whereupon press the button to "Purchase", located under the necessary for you color of model.

After pressure of the button to "Purchase" the commodity chosen by you it will appear in Basket. In a basket you can change the amount of every commodity which is ordered, or delete him.

When all actions in Basket are completed, push the button to "Process order". Then it follows to enter the pin information: the name, last name, city of delivery and telephone, whereupon to press - to "Send an order".

At correct registration of order you will see confirmation of sending of order and his number on the screen.

After processing order for us on a site from you our manager will associate for confirmation of order and on questions delivery and payment.


If you must do a few purchases on our site, at a hit in Basket you can go out from her click of a mouse out of Basket or pressing on a cross in upper-right-hand to angle of Basket.

Being on any page of site, in upper-right to куті of screen the amount of the booked commodities is constantly represented in a basket and them total cost. At aiming of cursor of mouse on this area you will see the complete list of commodities in Your basket. When you will decide to process order, simply press on Basket in right overhead part of screen (or on reference to "Purchase" at the choice of necessary fabric).



The real color of commodity can not coincide with seen by you in an e-shop, so as a commodity can have an insignificant tint depending on party of supplying with a commodity, it is but similarly related to the transmission of color of monitors of Your devices.