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Experimental collection of furniture fabrics from online store of furniture fabric Light star, is designed to satisfy your wildest ideas. Among the models was chosen daring combinations of bright colors and fine fabrics. The experimental collection includes both chenille and velour models. These two popular types of furniture fabrics were selected for the experimental model because of its properties. All known velour, has incredible properties of color, so fabric looks exactly as we planned. And about the properties of chenille like upholstery fabric, it could be said many things, but the most important is the strength and high durability of chenille fabrics in comparison with analogues. So, if you do not like to stand still and open to innovations, experimental collection is created exclusively for you.

Experimental models of furniture fabrics

All models appearing in the online shop furniture fabric Light Star, meet the basic requirements of quality and able to satisfy even the pickiest buyer. Delivery is made all over Ukraine, also there are conditions for free delivery of the goods. For any questions about furniture fabrics, you should connect to our highly skilled managers by phone numbers that are located on the contact page.